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Structural Framing Solutions

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Straid Contracts now supply & install structural SFS systems. This new building technique involves a combined engineering approach which entails designing the full structure of the building in majority light gauge steel sections. These sections are assembled into panels before arrival on site, and then installed in a modular format. This approach has a number of important benefits such as:
  1. Vastly reduced time on site to form the building structure. The building structure is made almost entirely of light gauge steel panels that are pre-assembled before being brought to site. These panels can even be boarded & insulated in the factory, effectively replacing wet trades such as brick layers & plasterers. With this combined structural/finishing system, the Structural SFS serves a dual purpose. The impact of this is that the building is part manufactured in controlled factory conditions, brought to site & assembled in ‘fast track’ manner;
  2. More accurate build techniques. With the majority of fabrication happening in factory conditions, the tolerances are significantly smaller than traditional build methods. The Structural SFS system is also designed so that it is ‘self aligning’. The pre-manufactured panel connections will, by design, align & level themselves when constructed. This has the effect of reducing the capacity for human/installer error & increasing levels of build accuracy;
  3. A combined engineering approach. With SFS being responsible for the engineering of the full structure, there is reduced levels of conflict between engineering packages. This combined approach simplifies the engineering design & reduces the interaction between the various designers. As the design is combined, the design co-ordination time is reduced at the start of the project – a major benefit in any construction project;
  4. Easy integration with other trades. The Structural SFS system can be easily designed to account for interfaces with surrounding trades such as M&E, external facades, internal finishes & the like.
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